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Real-Time Scan Exclusion Variable\WildCard Confirmation

I want to exclude the following (example) from real-time scanning:

This directory (26e9f183-6e80-4436-8461-a67d55c5e4b1) is randomized within the user's profile temp directory


These files are randomized within that directory. There is always a .tmp one, and numerous ones that start with testtemp_ then random after, no file ext.


I created these two exclusions, are they correct?


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  • Checking the %temp% variable, this will correspond to: C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Temp

    If the location you're trying to exclude is C:\Users\testuser\Temp\ this may not work. 

    Could you try the following? 
    - C:\Users\*\Temp\test*.tmp

    Regarding files being detected when downloading from a web browser on a remote device, I suspect Web Control may be scanning and blocking the file. 

    If you need to make the file accessible through a file share, an exclusion such as //<servername>/ may be needed. 
    If the file needs to be accessible via web browser, an exclusion of the type "Website" for the site URL will be necessary.

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