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Sophos Endpoint Web whatsapp blocked


Endpoint is blocking Web. WhatsApp on a single user although all users seem to be running it fine and I have added an exception of web.whatsApp in chats categories and called it in Policies settings. Web WhatsApp page loads correctly but after QR scan it gets stuck at Loading your chats. Getting below error:

On Central:' blocked due to category 'Chat'

On Endpoint:

Access to location was blocked for user ASAPAKISTAN\kauser.waseem



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  • Thank you, 

    You can try the below steps and confirm for status.

    Disable TP on the Device, then navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sophos\Management\Policy\WebControl on your registry.
    Perform back-up on the said registry path and remove the Key after the back-up is secured. After removing/deleting the key perform a manual update on the endpoint and confirm what policy is applied.  

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