Sophos Intercept X in Citrix VDI

We have performance issue with Citrix Intercept installed on VDI Citrix desktops.

When the users open files (office, pdf, etc...) I see Sophos file scanner that use 60 and more cpu every time (I know that Sophos have to do the scan of the file...).

How can I adjust policies to reduce this cpu utilization?

The profiles using redirected folders and citrix profiles management...

Do you excluded network path where redirected folders are located?

Every vdi have 2 vcpu assigned.


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  • Hi, 

    I've added process and folder exclusions suggested in Citrix KB.

    But I didn't excluded the network folders even if Citrix recommend to do...

    The kb says:

    Scan only local drives - or disable network scanning. The assumption is that all remote locations that might include file servers that host user profiles and redirected folders are being monitored by antivirus and data integrity solutions. If not, it is recommended that network shares accessed by all provisioned machines be excluded. An example includes shares hosting redirected folders or user profiles.

    I can disable the scan on these folders...but if a users download or execute, for example, a malware... Sophos detects it?

    Anyway I'll enable the log, and I check what sophos do