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Hi, when I try to manage my quarantined emails in Sophos Central all i get is a blank white screen and a Sophos Self service icon in the top left corner, i have tried multiple browsers, edge, chrome and firefox and they all do the same. When it first tries to load it shows a few black menu bars then refreshes and they disappear.

Any help please.

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  •   Thank you for posting in the Community. 
    I am assuming that you are talking about the Self Service Portal.

    Please try the following:

    1. Clear the cache of the browser, close all windows, and try logging in again.

    2. Try on a different device using a different provider. Preferably outside of the regular network you usually access the portal.

    If you are still seeing the same result, I would recommend getting a case created in https://support.sophos.com/

    Another observation that can be provided to the engineer is if this only affects your user or all of the users within the Central account.