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Hello everyone.
I am about to deploy more than 1000 endpoints in my network through GPO, however in the tests that I perform the installation takes too long. The option "Choose components" does not give many details, that is not helping me. 

Is there a way to create a lightweight installation package or a method to make the installation faster? I read a bit about the update relay but it was not very clear to me if this would help me for the installation.

Thanks !!

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  • To add onto this, using an Update Cache will help to alleviate some of the bandwidth constraints you may have on the network. The devices can reach out locally to an Update Cache server to obtain the install files. 

    Once an Update Cache is on your site, I suggest downloading a new installer package as the new install package will contain references to the available UC servers. 
    Please note: There is no command-line option for installation from an update cache. The installer automatically assesses connectivity to any update caches set up in the Sophos Central account and installs from them.

    If local connectivity to the Update Cache server is faster than connecting directly to Sophos' servers, the UC will be used.

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