Golden Image problems

i have installed Sophos on my Golden Image (Citrix Terminalserver) and followed this instruction:

Some machines get errors, see attachments........
But the Gold Image (CTXVAAT-MAINT) is green in my console.
How can i solve that?


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  • Thanks.
    Yesterday i deleted all my terminalserver from the Sophos console and after that i reinstalled Sophos on my Gold Image CTXVABDF-Maint.
    After the installation the status of the Gold Image was green. Then i run the Gold Image skript.....
    Today i have the following:
    Some terminalservers are ok, some not. All servers bootet from the same Gold Image via provisioning.


    18.05.2022 02:49
    Server konnte nicht geschützt werden: ctxvabdf01
    Letzte Agent-Aktualisierung
    vor 3 Tagen Aktualisierung fehlgeschlagen Jetzt aktualisieren
    I don't understand that some servers are ok and some not. All servers bootet from the same image.......


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