Dear Sophos I'm very sorry...

I work for and am a influencer and approver for a multi million dollar company with thousands of employees and endpoints. I was actually changing my mind for the positive about you as a company after the fiasco that was your AV and web filtering appliances many years ago. These acquisitions you have made seemed to make your product better.. Demos you have provided us looked decent and while I feel the pricing was a bit much you were in the consideration.. But after seeing the total mess you have made of SBIE and lack of caring or honest and timely answers there is just no way I can suggest our company move forward with the purchase of your product. I'm sure you won't feel the ~500K bump in the road your losing but I feel like I'd be putting my company at risk with you based on the actions or lack of actions I see here. I'll be sure and let your sales guys know "I'm working on it", for the next few months.  I'd be surprised if this post lasts long but hey censorship for things we don't like!

  • I'll be very surprised if the reason is anything other than them either selling the product, or that the product is locked in some sort of litigation.

    What other reason do companies ever have, aside from being held ransom, to not talk about the extremely obvious?

    - in this case, the inability to buy and activate software licenses.

  • I have been a user of Sandboxie since I found in version 2.0 and have loved it and yes, I have as many of my clients using it as I can convince them to.
    I have seen it stop Ransomware sold in it it's tacks 
    The community that is part of this forum only want the product to be better, and allow us to future influence other people to use it.
    I myself have a issue that I presented to SOPHOS and just got fluffed off, I have to come up with a work around and I did. 
    I like this product and I want as many people as I can to like the product, but there needs to be some better than the Gray area that I see now
    I check the SBIE Beta Version every day to see if anything has changed and it has not. All I do see is the same complaints issued over and over.
    Please be more transparent and you will get more of my support.
    Bill e. Barrett 

  • This is the most crazy thread I've ever read in my whole life. Sandboxie basically dies for 6 months with little to no development, and it's 100% a technical problem? If this had been something stupid like a trademark issue, it would have sucked but it would have been explainable. Instead it's just going to be a stock answer like "It took more time to restore the servers than we thought it would"?

  • I agree is is highly bizarre for a product to be withdrawn from the market in this way.  Even more so if litigation is NOT involved, which we are told it is not.  We'll have to wait and see.  I have noticed that, by the process of elimination, there is a certain possibility that has not been ruled out.  So we shall see.

    If it actually does have something to do with a server problem I will suggest this as a story line for a remake of a Twilight Zone episode.

    I do wish whatever Sandboxie staff is caught in the middle of this well.  It can't be an easy situation for them.

  • I'd like to read something amazing, but will doubtless be disappointed by the pathetic.

  • [:@] It's Wednesday. Not even a sorry. Pathetic!

  • I am sorry, and we are sorry.  We are working on this behind the scenes and are close to the announcement.  As I've stated before the server issue was the initial problem, but the causes for the delay are non-technical.  

  • Thank you, apology accepted.  Please keep us updated.

  • Why did you make this forum private? I used to read it without having to log in, but now I have to log in just to read it. This is ridiculous. Not that I really believe anymore there's any hope for Sandboxie seeing how you're treating your customers, including myself. Right now I'm just curious to see how Sandboxie is going to die, do you really want to make that hard too? I love drama, let me have some fun.

    At this point the only reason I can think why you'd not publicly tell Sandboxie is discontinued might be because people have active licenses and you don't want to refund the users who just bought a license or avoid legal actions from those users. But this is just my theory. Like I said, I love drama.

  • I have a hunch what is going on and I don't think "discontinued" is it (although who knows).

    Whatever the explanation, I am shocked at how poorly it was handled by a company of this size that should have far better expertise in handling this sort of thing (or any sort of thing for that matter).  Especially if it is what I think it is.

    I don't want to say any more since I'm hoping for the best.

  • "I don't want to say any more since I'm hoping for the best."

    Such a tease!

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  • I found this link in another thread which I didn't read before.

    My guess wasn't that wrong then. I don't think they'd treat Sandboxie differently. If they were to sell it, who'd actually buy an old piece of software like Sandboxie? With all the Windows updates at this point is worth writing it from scratch probably. And I don't know if the brand name has any value.

  • :)

    I have no special information that everyone else doesn't have, all I have is a hunch.  But in case the hunch is right I don't want to say anything unhelpful or counterproductive.  Ther'll be plenty of time for that if it turns out to be something deplorable.

  • If Sophos is discontinuing Sandboxie altogether let's hope they have the decency to at least try to release it to opensource.  It already is earning zero revenue, so they have no revenue to loose.... EXCEPT....

    I still have not ruled out the possible implications of the incredible coincidence that the sudden disappearance of Sandboxie occurred at exactly the moment that Microsoft introduced a sandbox in Windows 10.  I would brush this off as a crazy conspiracy theory had I not seen something similar happen with a program that I followed closely in the 90s.  That coincidence opens up a Pandora's box of possibilities.


  • Ryan Cruze said:
    let's hope they have the decency to at least try to release it to opensource

    I'd love to see that happening. I don't think it the code would be that useful anymore, or Sophos would use it in its products. Googling, I found this other page:

    What Invincea features are not included in Sophos Intercept X?
    While Sophos Intercept X contains deep learning and many advanced features not included in Invincea products, some Invincea features are not included in Sophos Intercept X.  Invincea browser isolation (container) is not available in Intercept X.  There are currently no plans to support browser isolation (container) in the Intercept X roadmap.

    I don't know if Invincea had any other sandboxing software, but I think they're talking about Sandboxie. But they could release the code to the public, even for some just good PR at this point. I don't know how much code would you need to write to fix SBIE's broken features in 1903, but it might still be the start for a something new. I've looked many times for other sandboxing software, but I've never found anything that works like sandboxie.

    Ryan Cruze said:
    the sudden disappearance of Sandboxie occurred at exactly the moment that Microsoft introduced a sandbox in Windows 10

    Exactly. Browsers already have builtin sandboxing, and now Windows Sandbox might be good enough just to test things. I don't know what plans Microsoft has for WS, but right now it's not a replacement for Sandboxie, unfortunately. Also at the moment you can't run other VM software if you enable WS, so it has its limitations.

    Sandboxie has still some value for other things though. Video games with online functionality often are not developed following the best practices, and can be insecure and an attack vector. Instead of web browsers and MS Office, Sophos could market SBIE to gamers. "You can safely run any online game in Sandboxie". I mean, I see so much VPN marketing targeted to gamers, I'm sure Sophos could make some money there if they wanted.