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Dear Sophos I'm very sorry...

I work for and am a influencer and approver for a multi million dollar company with thousands of employees and endpoints. I was actually changing my mind for the positive about you as a company after the fiasco that was your AV and web filtering appliances many years ago. These acquisitions you have made seemed to make your product better.. Demos you have provided us looked decent and while I feel the pricing was a bit much you were in the consideration.. But after seeing the total mess you have made of SBIE and lack of caring or honest and timely answers there is just no way I can suggest our company move forward with the purchase of your product. I'm sure you won't feel the ~500K bump in the road your losing but I feel like I'd be putting my company at risk with you based on the actions or lack of actions I see here. I'll be sure and let your sales guys know "I'm working on it", for the next few months.  I'd be surprised if this post lasts long but hey censorship for things we don't like!

  • I'll be very surprised if the reason is anything other than them either selling the product, or that the product is locked in some sort of litigation.

    What other reason do companies ever have, aside from being held ransom, to not talk about the extremely obvious?

    - in this case, the inability to buy and activate software licenses.

  • I have been a user of Sandboxie since I found in version 2.0 and have loved it and yes, I have as many of my clients using it as I can convince them to.
    I have seen it stop Ransomware sold in it it's tacks 
    The community that is part of this forum only want the product to be better, and allow us to future influence other people to use it.
    I myself have a issue that I presented to SOPHOS and just got fluffed off, I have to come up with a work around and I did. 
    I like this product and I want as many people as I can to like the product, but there needs to be some better than the Gray area that I see now
    I check the SBIE Beta Version every day to see if anything has changed and it has not. All I do see is the same complaints issued over and over.
    Please be more transparent and you will get more of my support.
    Bill e. Barrett 

  • I think it's pretty clear at this point that Sandboxie is involved in some kind of litigation or legal process and that's why they cannot discuss it.

    With a little luck the eventual result will be that Sandboxie will have a new home with someone who cares about its welfare and future and is responsive to its users.

  • We are not involved in litigation or a legal process.  

    I'm hoping to post the announcement Tuesday.

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