How to install an application with Sandboxie that requires a Windows restart?

Hello, this is my first post here I'm a newbye with Sandboxie,

I'd like to test the installation of an application that requires a Windows restart to be completed.

I have tried with the Windows Sandbox that comes with the 1903 May 10 2019 of Windows 10 but it crashes.

I wonder if Sandboxie can do it; if yes how?

Thank you.

  • Hi Giuseppe,

    Sandboxie's purpose is to keep applications from modifying your host, so making changes to Windows is usually not possible via Sandboxie.  You will probably have to install the app on the host, and then run it Sandboxed. 

    Please have a look at the guidelines for supported apps and required info so that we can better assist you:
    How to report problems with Sandboxie



  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    Thank you for your answer.

    I'd like to inform you that in the process to upgrade to the windows 10 1809, a message forced me to uninstall Sandboxie.

    Kind regards.

  • In reply to Giuseppe Calamita:

    Hi Giuseppe,

    Thank you for the feedback. This is addressed on our website:

    Upgrading to Win 10 v1809 may require removing Sandboxie

    Problem: When upgrading to Windows 10 Insider - Fast Ring- 17755.1 or higher - Including Release Windows 10 1809 Oct Update -, you may be presented with a message stating Sandboxie needs to be deleted if old versions of Sandboxie (prior to 5.27.1) are present.

    Solution: Delete the old Sandboxie versions and its installers before proceeding with the upgrade, then reinstall Sandboxie normally.

    Please, let us know if you require additional assistance.

    Thank you!