Downloading now fails, 2 computers, chrome, firefox

Some time recently I now find trying to download will fail on both computers, in both chrome and firefox (latest versions of both and previous version).

Downloading used to always give me an option to recover.

Now it just says "failed".

I have tried a bunch of sites.

Works if use browser not with sandboxie.

I have tried turning off ad blocker, allowing cookies and trackers, doesnt help.

Also, in sandboxie, sandbox settings, I do not see an easily found place that shows what folders I can download to.  It used to be desktop, downloads, maybe something else would be available.  Intuitive would be like "downloads" or such. 

I am not using drop my rights and have not made any changes to how it was configured for a long time.

Both computers are windows 10 home with all latest windows updates.  Version    10.0.18362 Build 18362

sandboxie says no updates for it also, 5.30.

i do see / finally remembered i can click recovery, guess that wasnt easy for me... (looking in browser, and resource assess and everywhere but) but the downloads folder and such are already still there in quick recovery.  it just wont download!

i just now got error 2101 (it wont let me copy and paste it here...) while trying to open chrome sandboxied while writing this in firefox.  that error i do not see on your page of errors    so i do not know if that has any relation to this post's problem or not.  first time i think ive seen it.  "object name not found" "error connectport."

ok, so chrome says "failed - insufficient permissions" in the bottom left.  but their help site on that error says to cancel, right click and save it that way, but that does not fix the problem.

av is windows defender.

adguard adblocker (toggled off)

chrome also has netcraft extension.

firefox has noscript but only restrictions disabled, only for xss.

this has been this way.

if a beta of sandboxie fixes something, it would help if somehow a popup came up to say when the error happens?  just realized after all this maybe i should try one, but i also dont want some unstable beta effect?  family members would have no idea how to fix this, only angry that downloads cant work while trying to get them.

... i think the beta seems to have fixed it since i got a download, but yeah 





  • Hi af1,

    Betas are covered here: SBIE BETA VERSIONS and they include the dev notes, as well as any "side effects" you may see when running them. They are typically safe to use, but you'll find more info there. 

    We don't have a way to add a popup to an already released version to inform users about a new problem caused by a new Windows Update (users can wait until an official release comes out, which will then follow/trigger their update settings).
    To stay up-to-date with latest betas / new issues and their fixes, the best way would be to subscribe to the Beta threads, so you'll get a notification anytime there's an update to it. 

    And, if you experience any issues, please swing by and follow the guidelines to report them, we'll be happy to assist/point you in the right direction. 
    How to report problems with Sandboxie

    Thank you!

  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    I have the same issue as  the OP. Sandboxed Firefox won't download any file.

    1- Sandboxie 5.30 Windows 10 Pro x64 bit 1903
    2 - Firefox + (context search; cookie autodelete; gesturefy; I don't care about cookies). It happans also on Opera.
    3 - Default Windows AV + Adguard.
    4 - Steps to reproduce the issue: clic on any download link and firefox show that download has failed; no messages from sandboxie.
    5 - Does it occur in a new sandbox with default settings? Yes it does, even with admin permissions
    6 - Full error message and screenshots of it if applicable: see screenshot from Opera; error says something like "insufficient permissions". As said, no errors from sandboxie.



  • In reply to asdasdasdasdasd:

    Sandboxie 5.31.2 solved the issue.

    I looked for beta version changelog but didn't notice the changelog for 5.31.1 at first.