Sandboxie website "Help & FAQ" with errors

When you visit and click menu "Help & FAQ", there are many menu links, which don't open the help topic but offer a download of a file! When you open this downloaded file in an editor, you can see HTML code in it.

In the following screenshot, i marked the broken links with red:


But this problem seems to exists also on other places. For example, when you click at "All pages" from the help page (see screenshot above), and in the following list on some help entries (not all are affected), a similar download is offered - here an example of some links, which are affected with the problem:



Because of this error, the help to Sandboxie is not reachable. Could you please have a look, so that the website can be corrected? On 18th April 2019 i could read the help without problems, so this error was introduced in the time after this date.