updated to sandboxie 5.30, unable to register and activate (apparently similar problem to that experienced by many other users)

Hello Sandboxie support and other users, same issue as described by others in this temporary forum

opened Sandboxie, prompted to check for upgrade, did so and upgraded to ver 5.30

received message that I needed to re-activate my licence, clicked as requested... failed

went through your steps for manual activation... failed

waited one hour as suggested "If you are unable to activate Sandboxie, wait 1 hour and re-try. It will work then (we are working on updating our servers and fix these issues)"... same failure

1.   Sandboxie Version 5.30

2.   Error Message

3.Screenshot of TLS settings

4 - Windows update status (is it up to date, if so what version? ):  Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1, updated selectively to 20 June 2017


Offline Activation failed

Unregistered version not playing videos

Previous version appeared to work without issues

Did NOT attempt to revert to previous version since another contributor reports that this fails too