The recover window comes up twice in Chrome. Once at download and once at close.

The recover window comes up before Chrome finishes downloading a file.

If I click to recover the file before the Chrome download finishes, I get a working file;

but then when I close Chrome, get a second opportunity to download the same file again.

Can the Recover window be delayed until after Chrome is completely done downloading.


Thanks, Mark

  • Hi Mark,

    Could you please provide more info? Please, follow the guidelines below:
    How to report problems with Sandboxie

    You may change the recovery settings by following these steps:

    If you plan on recovering once you are done using the Sandbox, you may want to consider turning off immediate recovery.

    Looking forward to the rest of the info!


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    It happens on all my and my customers computers.
    Windows 7, 8 and 10.

    Sandboxie 5.31.2


    Various antivirus' but for Windows 10 mostly Defender.


    Chrome is the browser that I used the most.

    The only changes I make to the settings is deleting with closing and all the check boxes for forcing all browsers in Sandboxie.

    If I immediately recover a downloaded file before the blue circle at the bottom of Chrome stops blinking, then when I close the browser, I'm asked to recover the file again.

    If I wait to recover a downloaded file until after the blue cirecle at the bottom of Chrome stops blinking, then I don't get a second recovery window.

    It would be nice if the recovery window waited until after the Chrome download circle finished downloading including blinking at the end.


    Thanks for all your hard work, Mark