Upgrade Sophos Client From OLder to newer version

 Hello Team,


We have one client & having different version of Sophos safeguard console like version 6.1 & 8.0;etc.


We have deploy additional license to the version 8.0 & want to migrate all old client from version 6.1 to 8.0 to the latest one & also want to keep only one SGN server 8.0


Can you please guide us how we can proceed in the above scenario.

  • Hi  

    Could you please check and see if it helps. For clients , you will need to create new client package and then send it. Let me know if any further queries or concerns. 

  • Hi  

    If you have Safeguard version 6.1 clients in your environment and you want to move all the client to version 8.0, you need also install the client installer of version 8.0 on the clients and then new configuration package created from the Safeguard management Center. While doing that you can directly install both of these packages without uninstalling the older modules of 6.1.