Android Enterprise - PIM solution

Hi guys,

i am about to switch my SMC Android devices to Android Enterprise and i am still looking for a WORKING PIM solution as until now, i didnt find a single one! You maybe got some input for me?

I tried so far:

Samsung Native Mail

Sophos Secure Mail

Email+ (solution from MobileIron)

and 1 or 2 random ones i found in the playstore


Right now i am about to switch to another MDM solution as without working PIM, this is kind of useless to me and my company.

  • Hi  

    Sophos Secure Email is the PIM solution from Sophos side to configure the business mailbox. Please refer to this document to configure container policy in order to use Sophos Secure email with the business account.

    If you have already configured it, would you please provide the description regarding the issue you have faced after implementation.

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    Hello Jasmin,

    thanks for your answer.

    So although SSE is installed as an Android Enterprise app, you do not configure it within the app itself but with the container policy???

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    Please refer this document in order to configure business email on SSE when you have android enterprise device.

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    Well Jasmin,

    thanks again, it worked this time.

    Was anyoneone able to deploy the Outlook app within Android Enterprise? Mine's not authenticating ("wrong mail address, or username or password") while everything is correct. I even tried to add the ActiveSyncID that is shown on the EAS proxy to the device details, still didnt work.

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    The Outlook should work probably with the previous settings as well.

    If it is still not working, I'd request you to go through this article to install EAS proxy server and then try to add ActiveSync through this article