cleanup autoupdate Warehouse

Is there a setting to clear Warehouse files?

How long are the Autoupdate Warehouse files kept on harddisk?


If I check localy there are more then 5000 files in the Warehouse folder and size is more then 700MB


I have read the instruction of stopping service and renaming folders but maybe there is a setting to automatic delete files after 60 days?

  • Hi  

    I am assuming here that you are using Sophos Central endpoint and warehouse folder has a size of 700 MB. There is no such option to delete the file after 60 days as it contains IDE files and product updates. Apart from the IDE file, most of the time, product files will get updated/replaced instead of the new creation, so the folder should not be increasing very aggressively in terms of size. It will remain the same or may increase up to 800 MB. 

    Even after deleting the folder, when you'll restart the service mentioned in the above article and start the update process, it will download all the folders back on the machine.

    The article is to troubleshoot the service problem, not for the deletion of the warehouse folder, so I'd recommend don't remove the warehouse folder from there.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    This is correct., AutoUpdate keeps a local cache of the files and checks with the warehouse in Central to see if anything has been changed or updated. The local copy is the complete current.

    If you delete these files, AutoUpdate will replace them the next time it does its tasks - which just means you will be downloading them again and consuming more network resources than you need to. 

    You could also use an update cache to help distribute the load of the downloads - that way the endpoints go to a local resource rather than all the way to Central.