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Possible Memory Problem after Windows 10 1903 Update



Currently have Sophos Central with Sophos Endpoint running on several machines here, i was the first to update to the latest Windows 10 1903 Update and noticed after the machine sitting idle for a while that the above service is consuming a lot of RAM.


Any solutions to this?

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  • That’s certainly not right. I’ve been using 1903 for a while without issue so i think you’d be best to create a ticket with Support to investigate.  If the issue is going on now, it might be worth getting a Process Monitor capture including the System process for maybe 1 minute just to get a feel for system activity and an Sophos Diagnostic log.


  • ah, where does one submit a ticket? all help links brought me to here haha!

  • Hello Gareth Johnstone,

    I'm not using Central so I can just refer to Get additional help in the Central Admin Help but not verify that the information is correct.
    Or you could use the Open a Support Case page.


  • Thanks,

    I have contacted Sophos support - will update here with their findings!

  • I'm exactly with the same problem.

  • I have to reboot daily because of this, commit size for SSPService.exe is going up by over 1MB a second. Currently stands at 35,555,724K


    Time for another reboot.


  • I've currently got it disabled and relying on another antivirus for the time being!


    My machine is simply unusable after a couple hours with sophos running

  • I wonder if it's related to the EDR component?

    If you set:


    to 0.

    Does the problem stop?

    This setting may get reverted if a policy comes down.



  • Adding a "Me too!" from our company, as we start testing 1903.

    Fellow IT person was copying a large file to a (Sophos-managed) encrypted drive.

    Memory maxed out.

    The machine locked up and rebooted shortly after, with hmpalert.sys as the KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED bsod.

    Winver: 10.0.18362.113

    Sophos components:

    HitmanPro.Alert 3 (managed by Sophos)
    Sophos Clean
    Sophos Endpoint Agent 2.3.0
    Sophos Endpoint Defense
    Sophos ML Engine 1.1.203
    Sophos Standalone Engine 1.2.24
    Sophos Endpoint Firewall
    Sophos Network Threat Protection 1.8.1555.0
    Sophos Exploit Prevention
    Sophos Endpoint Self Help 2.1.14
    Sophos File Scanner
    Sophos Endpoint 1.7.134
    Sophos Diagnostic Utility
    Sophos Data Protection Agent
    Sophos Anti-Virus
    Sophos AutoUpdate XG 6.0.457.0
    Sophos Health

  • Don't have anything useful to add but 1903 seems to allow for runaway memory consumption by System Protection Service and hitmanpro / other process crashes.


    Agent Version         10.8.3 VE3.74.1

    Core Agent             2.3.0

    Sophos Intercept X  2.0.14

    Endpoint Protection


    Any solutions / suggestions gratefully received.