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Failed to install savxp: uninstalling an older product failed.

Most likely Post WINDOWS Monthly Patch Installation, Sophos status is broken.

We started the Windows updates rollout this week and already have multiple devices with this issues now.

Ex- This device was all okay once the update was installed and rebooted Sophos events shows this error.

Anyone else with this problem?

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  • Can you find (and attach) the install and uninstall logs of SAV in \windows\temp\ (if this is an AutoUpdate initiated install attempt) or under %temp% if you are performing an install with say the Sophos Central installer they would be under %temp%.

  • Hi jak,


    Here is it what I found:

    Sophos Anti-Virus Major Install Log


    Sophos Anti-Virus Uninstall log


    SophosUpdate log when I initialization update from Console, maybe could help as well 

  • Seeing error 1612 on SAV uninstall and install logs. The uninstall process is looking for the MSI which is missing in this path: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\60e64.msi.

    You can try uninstalling Sophos using the SophosZap tool, and then reinstall Sophos.

  • The install is finding a version of Sophos Anti-Virus installed (ProductCode - BEEB46C0-1983-4DF2-AD40-8C464842DF24) which appears to be broken:

    2020-06-15 10:26:49 There is an incomplete SAV installation, forcing a Major Update to recover
    2020-06-15 10:26:49 Info: Performing major update of Sophos Anti-Virus using msi.
    2020-06-15 10:26:49 Info: Update is signalled.
    2020-06-15 10:26:49 In KB2918614Workaround().
    2020-06-15 10:26:49 Leaving KB2918614Workaround().
    2020-06-15 10:26:49 Product code of SAV currently installed: {BEEB46C0-1983-4DF2-AD40-8C464842DF24}
    2020-06-15 10:26:49 Product code of SAV to be installed: {D89312B9-A62F-4FF1-A7E9-077D4C4FE002}

    It is then starting the uninstall of it:

    2020-06-15 10:26:58 Info: Uninstall SAV
    2020-06-15 10:26:58 Unable to delete registry key: SOFTWARE\Sophos\Telemetry\Plugins!
    2020-06-15 10:26:58 Info: Running Uninstall of previous version using command line: msiexec.exe /x {BEEB46C0-1983-4DF2-AD40-8C464842DF24} REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn UNINSTALLDRIVERS=0 UNINSTALLCLASSFILTER=0 UNINSTALLBOOTDRIVERS=1 UNINSTALLKMSDRIVERS=1 CHECKFORSCF=0 INSTALLINGVERSION="" /Lvp "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Sophos Anti-Virus Uninstall Log_200615_082658.txt"
    2020-06-15 10:26:58 Info: Finished waiting for Uninstallation of previous version. Status returned was 0l.
    2020-06-15 10:26:58 WARNING: SAV uninstall failed with error 1612

    The issue is, the uninstall is failing with1612, which is ERROR_INSTALL_SOURCE_ABSENT.  So there is no cached MSI for the product code BEEB46C0-1983-4DF2-AD40-8C464842DF24.

    The easiest thing at this point is probably to run SophosZap - The alternative is trying to piece together a number of files from another computer.






  • Well yes, this method works. But it isn't good way to fix this issue :(