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Delete account


Please delete my forum account and my sophos ID. I tried to open a support ticket with customer care but they denied my application to register for support. I was instructed by Adam Ramos to post here for support in deleting my account

"Sophos Support Portal Registration Request 07071538 has been Rejected"

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  • Thanks for the feedback. 

    The reason it's necessary to do this in two steps is due to SSO with Sophos ID accounts. If the community account is removed, but the Sophos ID remains, your account may get re-created if you try authenticating into the Sophos Community later on.

    I'll proceed in deleting your Community account now, but I recommend following up with our Customer Care team as well, as Gladys has suggested above. 

    We will take your feedback into consideration as we look at making improvements to our platform. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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