Advance notice: Important lifecycle dates for Sophos UTM and the SG series

Hello, we received this e-mail from Sophos, we are using Sophos UTM9, we have a doubt regarding upgrading to Sophos XGS series.

What do you advise me to do? also what are steps to upgrade to new Sophos XGS taking into regard that we are using two UTM's  9 firewalls 1 of them software and the other one hardware and are connecting via IP sec

Thank You

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    If you are still using any UTM Series appliances, they have been EOL for quite a number of years and so are no longer supported - they would definitely need to be replaced. One option for that is to purchase an SG series appliance, if you are not yet ready to migrate and want to continue using Sophos UTM.

    The EOL date for Sophos UTM and the SG Series appliances is June 30, 2026 and so you can continue to use the product until then if you have a valid license.

    We have gathered some information about the lifecycle in a dedicated section on this community Lifecycle and Migration which will hopefully help to answer some of the questions you have.

    You should definitely reach out to your Sophos partner or sales contact for further guidance.

    Kind regards

    Barbara (Sophos)