Sophos UTM Retirement / EOL announced

Finally, Sophos announced the EOL of UTM. Interestingly, the EOL does not apply to Sophos UTM AWS....

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  • This is a mess. Please support existing installations with UTM beyond 2026. These appliances just do what they should and they do ist really good.

    We will never sell XGS as long as no simple lets encrypt implementation will be available. Why? Replacing certificates every year for VPN, user portal, SMTP TLS and WAV is a stupid and senseless job. The UTM approach with lets encrypt is an intelligent solution. XGS is dead therefore for us. Some other competitors are more attractive.

    There were also some other limitations with XGS (using port 443 with VPN and WAF was not possible even with several IP addresses or 2 WAN lines for some time, if I am not wrong, maybe this is fixed in the meantime, I don't know).

    Nevertheless: UTM is still on demand and we would pay for.

    BTW: will UTM Home be stopped also in 2026?

  • Maybe EOL will be re-evaluated if more customers complain directly to Sophos?

    There was a post on reddit indicating the early announcement (this thread) was a leak. Intentional or not, it's out there now. Does Sophos care if it loses the paying customers who refuse to to the XG route.... ?

  • this might be possible, just to see what would happen. In my case and that of my customers, transition away from Sophos to a competitor.

    XGS is no solution for our concepts, as long as key features like a simple lets encrypt implementation is missing.

  • Did you reach out to your local Sales Rep to discuss your possibilities for the future for you and your customers? 


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