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"Password of the Day" E-Mail Notification not working

We have set up a potd-hotspot at a customer. The problem is that the POTD is not sent by mail. The logs show me the following

2021:10:06-08:40:42 st-sg01 notifier[18183]: mail notifications for INFO-601 are disabled

However, I cannot find "INFO-601" in the notification tab on the Sophos. All other notifications work without problems

We are currently using v9.707-5.

  • Hallo Marc and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Try the following command as root on the command line:

         cc get_object_by_name notification notification 'INFO-601'|grep \'ref

    That should give you something like 'ref' => 'REF_NotNotInfo601' as a result.

    Now you can see the email setting with

         cc get_object REF_NotNotInfo601|grep \'email

    If you get a result of 'email' => 0, change the value to 1 with:

         cc change_object REF_NotNotInfo601 email 1

    The result of that command should be REF_NotNotInfo601.

    Cheers - Bob

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