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who else has had problems with WPA/WPA2-Enterprise authentication on the UTM?

Hi All,

I hope that someone out there can help me as I have been having issues with the reliability of the WPA-WPA2-Enterprise authentication when configuring it via the UTM (on any of the last firmware versions for the past year/18 months).

I have used this guide to initially configure it, even though there has been no update (and no good network admin would use this guide as it provides guides for Windows server 2008 which is now EOL).

I originally configured a Windows Server 2008 R2, then tried Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and now I am on Windows Server 2019 (which is a lot easier than the previous versions).

I made the assumption that the actual mechanism that Sophos uses within the UTM actually works, this seemed to be my issue (assumption).

I have always experienced problems with the Clients (and I only have at a maximum 20 laptops) staying connected to this network, and I have spent an inordinate amount of time tinkering and amending and adjusting various settings, without any success.

I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed with the unhappy users who keep stating that they are having to connect with a cable (what? is the only statement I could make).

I then got hold of a Meraki MR33 and configured it within 10 Minutes, and voila for the last 2 weeks all I have heard is praise, and some didn't even notice that they forgot to connect a cable!

I have now logged a ticket with Support, although I am not expecting much, and definitely not anything constructive. Please note I do not blame the engineers they do their best.

On a side note I have also configured one of these misbehaving AP55 to Central and this although slower than the Meraki (when authenticating) does seem to be working.

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