SSL VPN to Shared Folder on PC

I Have SSL VPN configured. I can communicate with my network remotely i can connect to my NAS no problems however im unable to connect to my desktop (Win 11 Pro) shared folder which i can access one im connected to the same network. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Yes, it is as you suspected after disabling the firewall i was able to access the folders, however i don't want to leave this pc unprotected.

    Do you have any ideas on where i could start in windows firewall to resolve this.

    Any help will be appreciated

  • Usually the setting where it rejects traffic except for that in its own subnet - don't remember where that is.

    Another option would be to do something similar to 'SNAT : "VPN Pool (SSL)" -> "Any" -> {server with folders} : from "Internal (Address)".  See #5 in Rulz if you want to use this approach.

    That said, I routinely disable the Windows firewalls on PCs protected by the UTM - I haven't seen that PC-based firewalls reject bad traffic that the UTM allowed in.  Then again, I don't know how well those Win-11 firewalls today can protect PCs from attacks by malware on other internal devices.

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Thanks for all your help, i was able to resolve the issue by adding the VPN subnet in windows firewall inbound rules.

    Thanks again.