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In need of help!

Hello! I'm currently using Sophos UTM asg and i'm in need of help for two problems. (I really hope i can get answers as-soon as possible, please i would be very grateful)

After doing web-filtring and vpn l2tp, i'm trying to make a vpn site-to-site. my config here is by using Vmware with two Sophos UTM asg (vmnet 2 and vmnet 3 for internals cards and bridged for externals) and two clients windows 7.

  1. My first problem is i don't know if i should added a new farewell rules for vpn site-to-site like with vpn or web-filtering for example, and what rules should i added if it's needed. (not an expert, so please tell it to me like i'm five, i mean what to added in sources, services and destinations.)

An example :

2) My second problem is about the tutorial of the vpn site-to-site :

A. Here in Site A while doing the remote Gateway, should i added the ip adresse of the second sophos in 'Remote networks'?

B. In site B, While Initiating the connection, in the 'Gateway' should i added the IP of Site A?

- Then what about the remote networks? Should i also added the IP of site A?

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