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Switched to Sophos Connect - Now the SSL Remote Access isn't working anymore

The environment:

Firewall: Sophos UTM 9, Model SG330, Firmware 9.710-1

Remote Access (SSL) running more than 2 years now - with the Sophos SSL VPN Client on a HP Elitebook with Windows 10 Pro.

I setup another HP Elitebook (same Model) with Windows 10 Pro 

Of course I installed Sophos Connect (Version and now I can't login to the VPN.  Reason 'AUTH FAILED'

Just to make it weird:

The login using the 'old' VPN Client is still working properly.

Any ideas?

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  • They still need to get 2.2 out the door to fix the DNS bug in 2.1, lol.

    Never-ending, I wish I had gotten into software development early in my years to make that money.  ;P

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