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Remote Access Manager is not able to download user vpn package in Sophos Webadmin


we use a SG550 and our vpn admins (with the Right Remote Access Manager) are not able to download the SSL VPN Package via Webadmin, (Definitions & Users, Users & Groups, Action Download SSL VPN Packages). This is because they don't even see Users & Groups.

When granting the Read Only Access in Access Control, they can see and Download the SSL VPN Package for a user.

But in the downloaded Package the private Key in the config file is missing. So it is not possible to connect with SSL VPN.

Only with the SuperAdmin Rights the private Key is being exported and SSL VPN works.

How to fix this behavior, without downloading the vpn client from User Portal or giving SuperAdmin rights for all vpn admins ?

In the User Portal we disabled  Remote access, because normal users couldn't install the VPN client without administrative Windows rigths and they should not be able to download the client for installing it on a private laptop.

Thanks for any hints.


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  • Hallo Markus,

    I don't think there's a solution using that approach.You can do a one-time mass download where all of the users are in the install file.  Then, you make a copy of that file and delete all of the config files.  Now, you can copy the install file with no configs and add the config file you need to it.  You can give a remote access manager the mass install and the install with no config files to easily create individual installations.

    Cheers - Bob

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