Have to connect a Subnet on two different Locations with layer 2

So i need to connect two Locations with a tunnel, one with Sophos utm one with Pfsense. This is needed, because of an third Party device that only awnsers if the call comes from the same subnet. on one site and on the other 

So i build a ip_sec between both with shared key. Automatic rules for sophos and an any rule for pfsense

Build Gre Tunnel:


iptunnel add tun0 mode gre remote  local ttl 255
ifconfig tun0 inet netmask
ifconfig tun0 up

added Protocol 47 Rules 

Pfsense: over the web interface the gre interface has an any rule at the moment and 250.2 are also set in the Ipsec 

Static routes are set. 

Both sides tell that ipsec is working but pfsense says is not up 

so at this moment i have no more ideas what is missing and why i cant get the Network to work

could also awnser in German. 

Thanks in advance 

  • So the weekend brought some insights into the third Party device. It wanted own routes and didnt care that the sophos had them. 

    Unfortunately does the Company that sells this stupid things does not provide these kind of information. But now it uses the ipsec tunnel and i dont need the connection anymore.