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Sophos UTM Manager 4.305-7: cannot login

We recently moved Sophos UTM Manager 4.305 to another host and the network card was lost. Therefore the IP address does not work any more.

When I go to the console, I see the Login: prompt, but I don't know the username/password any more.

How do I reset the root password?

Or can I install a new copy of UTM Manager 4.305 with a default password, and restore a backup .abf file to the new install?

Where can I download Sophos UTM Manager 4.305-7?



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  • Eventually I found the answer.

    Log into the console, reset the root password by esc when booting and adding the line init=/bin/bash to the boot options.

    Boot into Linux.

    Reset the root password, save the settings before rebooting.

    Once logged into Linux as root, type cc / RAW / system_password_reset to reset the admin password.

    Now you can log into the web console using the new admin password.