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SUM Deployment error

SUM: v4.309-9

Sophos UTM: v9.705003


Hello everyone,

for a while now, I'm having a problem with Sophos SUM deployment.

I've got a multiple UTM's managed by SUM and they all work fine.

All UTM's are running on bare-metal servers, and SUM is in the VM.

They're all on the same version, and like I said, they all work fine but one UTM.

Here is what I was able to trace on the confd-debug.log on the affected UTM.

2021:02:16-14:38:31 firewall-2 confd[16569]: W Message::err_set:1107() => id="3100" severity="warn" sys="System" sub="confd" name="OBJECT_OBJECT_BADREF (The ruleset object needs firewall objects for the rule switch table attribute.)" class="packetfilter" type="ruleset" ref="REF_ACC_GBL_8dc15613df4b47a88352a0050376cce2cce2" attr="rules_status" user="system" srcip="" facility="acc-agent" client="acc-agent.plx" call="set_object" check="input" badref="REF_ACC_GBL_deb26033592043cf99d33f239e777e727e72" goodclass="packetfilter"

So, what it looks like there is an messed up / missing rule object with the reference: deb26033592043cf99d33f239e777e727e72

I was trying to trace the the object with "CC", but without any luck. I wasn't able to find it.

firewall-2:/home/login # /usr/local/bin/confd-client.plx get_object REF_ACC_GBL_deb26033592043cf99d33f239e777e727e72

I tried to search on the both SUM and UTM, and again, no luck.

Anyone having an idea?



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  • FormerMember
    0 FormerMember 11 months ago

    Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    This error might prevent you from creating firewall rules for that specific UTM form SUM.

    You could check for the duplicate objects created on SUM as well as locally on the UTM. 

    To summarize the solution, you can take the following steps for any network and service definitions used by an affected firewall in the source, service, and destination fields.

    1. Remove network/service definitions from UTM using SUM
    2. Delete conflicting local definitions
    3. Re-deploy definitions from SUM
    4. Deploy ruleset from SUM

    If you're not able to resolve this issue, open a support case with the internal reference id NSU-249.


  • Hi Harsh,

    I need immidate assistence.

    Here is the ticket ID:

    Can someone give me a call?


  • FormerMember
    0 FormerMember 11 months ago in reply to Dorian Borovina

    Hi ,

    For immediate assistance, use the support hotline number from and reference your case number. 

    We can't access the link you provided. If you can provide the case number, I can add an internal note to your case.