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Solution required for Business Directors family home with young kids the home

Hi all can you help ?


 I believe  the UTM 9  does not support Multicast and hence BT sport and extra ip channels working with the Youview box. 


I need a device that will support

2x  line bonding /balancing ethernet /ADSL 

Multicast   for Streaming services

network protection 

also Powerline adapters to carry the ethernet wifi to different rooms  as the home is very old and the internal walls are approx 20  inches thick between rooms 


any assistance appreciated 









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  • Your question is rather open ended and gives us maybe even more questions than possible answers.

    I'll try to kick off with some help:

    Is it possible to separate the multicast traffic (which I assume is for television) from the internet access in the supplied modem device?

    You speak of line bonding; does that mean there are 2 internet connections that both need to be used? Are both having the multicast traffic?

    What are you looking for in Network protection? Just basic firewall or do you need more? Please specify as much as possible what is the desired environment.

    Powerlines can usually be used in just about any environment, but they have nothing to do with Sophos, so not really something that this forum can help you with; there are many powerline solutions that have many possibilities in both speed and features. I'd say pick the one that suits the needs and start using them. 

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