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How to disable logs

Hey how can i disable "default drop" logs of Sophos UTM, I don't have any rule for the default drops so i can't uncheck the log option and i don't wanna create an any--any drop rule and uncheck it. How can i disable default drops in this case?

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  • Hi,

    The default rule logs the dropped packets.

    You can create an any - any - drop rule without logging and place it at the end of the rule set.
    The disadvantage is that new rules could end up below the manual drop rule.


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  • Thanks for the reply but I don't wanna write any to any block so any altarnates?

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  • Merhaba Onur and welcome to the UTM Community!

    You can take Dirk's comments in this Community to the bank.

    You will see that I often comment to questioners that have posted a line from the firewall Live Log: "Alone among the logs, the Firewall Live Log presents abbreviated information in a format easier to read quickly.  Usually, you can't troubleshoot without looking at the corresponding line from the full Firewall log file.  Please post one line corresponding to those above.  If you prefer, obfuscate IPs like 84.XX.YY.121, 10.X.Y.100, 192.168.X.200 and 172.2X.Y.51.  That lets us see immediately which IPs are local and which are identical or just in the same subnet."

    Cheers - Bob

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