IPS slowing down my internet speed


I have an SG230 and a 1Gbit/50mbit internet connection

When I turn on IPS but leave all patterns off, it still slows down my Internet to 350 - 400 / 50


Is there a possibility to somehow speed up the IPS a bit?

I also get these in the log:

2021:01:15-14:02:04 sg230 snort[4210]: S5: Session exceeded configured max bytes to queue 1048576 using 1050840 bytes (client queue). 48725 --> 8080 (0) : LWstate 0x48 LWFlags 0x402107

2021:01:15-14:05:18 sg230 snort[4210]: S5: Pruned session from cache that was using 1077344 bytes (stale/timeout). 48727 --> 8080 (0) : LWstate 0xf LWFlags 0xe007