Unable to access sFTP


My first post here.

Appliance is a Sophos UTM SG230 (Firmware 9.703-3)

I have a client who is currently unable to access an external sFTP Server. The correct Firewall Rule has been added, and during testing, I can see the packet leaving the firewall, however, the response seems to never be received. I have tested outside of the network and it works absolutely fine. If I disable the Firewall Rule and try to connect, not only do I see that the packets are dropped, but the connection will also timeout (as expected). If, however, I switch the Firewall Rule on, I can see the packet leave the network, but almost immediately, I get an error stating "Software caused network abort". I have tested with WinSCP and PuTTY, both give the same error.

Due to the fact that this works outside of the network, and that I am getting different responses depending upon whether the correct rule is enabled leads me to believe that the firewall is the cause of the issue. I have trawled the web for hours, checked all of the logs, but nothing shows (except the packet leaving the network in the Firewall Logs). 

Is there anything I may have overlooked? Any help would be much appreciated.



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