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Upgrade to UTM 9.601-5 firmware doesn't start FW NAT rules on boot


I got information from my UTM that a new firmware 9.601-5 was available. I installed it and after reboot I discover that all my NAT rules where not activated ! I had to go on each one and disable/enable them to get back the working setup :(

I did it with some of them and then reboot the UTM: again rules where not applied. Disable/enable them and evrything is OK.

For some rules I didn't apply the "automatic firewall rules" in GUI but had create myself the FW rules: those NAT rules where activated. But for NAT rules with forwarding ports to other physical hosts but *not the host himself and the VMs running on it where the UTM lies* doesn't matter which setup (manual or automatically), I have to activate "automatic FW rules" and disable/enable the rules to get them working.

No need to say that prior firmware versions didn't had this problem.

Does anyone face the same problem and confirm?


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  • This does appear to have been fixed in rev 9.701-6 rel 23-Jan-2020  (I believe this is the official issue number : NUTM-10963)

    I have not been offered this via Up2Date on my personal UTM as of this writing;   however I noticed a client's UTM received it today and their NAT came back after applying and rebooting. So I immediately downloaded it from the Sophos FTP and manually applied it - after the reboot all my NAT rules were working!!  No need to STOP/START one NAT rule to get them all working again - hoorah!  

    Now just waiting for all my other clients to be offered this via Up2Date so I can install it globally.


    Only 9 or 10 months for Sophos fix - there must only be a few dozen folks using Sophos UTM with NAT using Auto Firewall Rules, and I was unlucky enough to be one of them :-0


    Cheers all,


  • Good news ! I will check this later on my side because we can't install it for now. I will keep you in touch.



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