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DNS Server Hostet by Sophos UTM

Hello together,

I would like to use the UTM home as a DHCP and DNS server.
I have already configured DHCP. I use home.local as the domain entry in the DHCP settings. This is also correctly displayed as suffix in the Windows Ipconfig settings after a lease has been fetched.

In the DNS settings, I have already added the relevant DHCP range to the Allowed networks.

Assuming the client is now called HostXY(IP, I cannot reach it under HostXY.home.local.
The corresponding IP is reachable.

If I now create a static DNS with HostXY.home.local for the client, it works.
BUT it must be possible for the DNS resolution/registration to work dynamically.

What have I overlooked, what else do I need to configure so that it works properly?

If this does not work, it is possible to continue to operate the DHCP on the Sophos and only operate the DNS externally.

Thanks a lot

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  • You may assign fixed DNS entries to a host ... but dynamic DNS registration is not possible.
    We have not a fully DNS-Server within UTM ...


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