VLAN or network group?

Hello.  I'm a LONG time lurker and first time poster.  I have UTM 9 firewall and unifi AP.  I had sophos AP before but crapped out on me.  With sophos AP, I never had this problem before.  I have TONS of VLANs, from guest VLAN, local WLAN, kids VLAN, management VLAN, IOT VLAN, Media VLANs, etc and with corresponding SSIDs.  The problem with Unifi AP is I can only do like 4 SSID, and they warn that I will have performance penalty if I have more.  So my questions are.

1.  If I make a network group in the same subnet, Will they be able to talk/ping each other, or do I explicitly put I firewall rule for them not to see/talk to each other?

2.  Can I create different VLAN in the same subnet like Vlan 10, Vlan 20, Vlan 30 etc, with 1 SSID broadcasting the network?

I read about a VLAN assigned authentication using a RADIUS server but that is too advanced for a non-network engineer, home user like me.  If you also have an advice on how to proceed with this, please do so.  Thanks in advance.

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