Is it possible to get status of a vpn-tunnel in Sophos UTM 9 ?

Hello there!

I had a problem recently where the VPN IPSEC stopped working, but the weird thing was that not all of the VPN Tunnels were down... Only a few of them (Two, to be more specific) stopped working.

I have a monitoring system that was watching only the VPN connection itself, and that monitoring server was on a Tunnel that was UP, so it didnt see the other tunnels on the same VPN IPSEC gateway...

Is it possible to check single VPN Tunnel status? Using SNMP if possible...
Or any other way.

Can someone help me?

  • Olá Raul,

    Check 'Logging/Reporting' on the 'Notifications' tab of 'Notifications'.

    The email includes the name of the IPsec Connection that is down, so I assume that information is also available via SNMP.

    Cheers - Bob

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