Uplink Balancing don't release the line properly


We have three Uplink lines.
One Wan and two other of spare line.
They weight as 100 to WAN and 0 to the others.
Few days ago, my WAN fail and the The other line kicked in as it should.
After a while, the WAN start working again, and all went back to normal.
A day later, I have noticed that the Reserved line, didn't release some users and still active.
Persistence - 5 minutes.

Any Idea?

  • Only new connections are build using the recreated  primary line after the 5 Minutes timeout.

    Existing connections are not disconnected...


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  • Thanks.
    That's not the situation here.
    Some of the workstations kept going thru the alternative line after closing the brouser and even after restart the workstation.
    Normaly the alternative line should die out after a short time.
    In this case  the UTM kept sending some users to the alternative line,long after the main WAN start working.

  • Shalom Goldy,

    I prefer to use Multipath Rules instead of weighting.  The bonus is that the MP rules are clear and obvious - self-documenting.  They are processed in order and subsequent rules are not considered.  For example:

    1. Bind Any->Any->Any to fastest
    2. Bind Any->Any->Any to next-fastest
    3. Bind Any->Any->Any to slowest

    Do you still see the same phenomenon after switching from weighting to Multipath Rules?

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Hi Bob.

    From experience, when the "Fastest line" go back to work, how long it would it take it, so all connections will drop from the second line.


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