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Linking Sophos Wireless DHCP with main DHCP

I have a Sophos SG135w with the built in Wireless.

I am using the built-in Wireless in the house and then another unit outside in the garage area. The outside wireless unit is linked to whilst the Sophos is running

How can I get the Sophos unit to run on the DHCP as so when I go outside, the devices don't get a new IP and when they are inside they have another IP.

Hope that makes sense, appreciate the help.

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  • So to recap you want your phone to always get

    And your sophos wireless inside now gives In that case you can bridge the Sophos wireless network to the LAN. You'd have to configure the wireless Sophos as "Bridge to AP LAN" and have the Access point itself connect to the network.

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  • I admit that I'm a little confused about this situation, but I think I'd do it as follows:

    1. Define the SG135w's wireless network as "Separate Zone."
    2. In 'Interfaces', make the interface connected to the DLINK into a bridge and add the wlan# virtual NIC.
    3. You might want to create Host definitions for each of your devices so each always gets "its" IP.

    Did that work?

    Cheers - Bob

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