A single computer is throttled in the upload

Hello all.

I'm getting a little desperate right now. Since today a computer in the network (VLAN1) is throttled during upload to only 1mbit or less. Normally it should get 40Mbit to the internet. The download works fine. It is connected via a LAN cable. The computer was checked without UTM in between, it also creates the 40Mbit. If I connect the computer via WiFi to the UTM (other VLAN2) it works fine. No other computer has the problem in this VLAN1.
If I route the same computer via another UTM in the network (VLAN3) via NAT into VLAN1, I also have no problems.

Neither IPS nor QOS is switched on. In the meantime I have deactivated almost everything. Has anyone ever seen such a problem.

Thanks in advance and greetings

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