internal network availability


j'ai un UTM 9 et je veux savoir où puis-je avoir le reporting mensuel ou personnalisé du taux de disponibilité du réseau à travers UTM 9

je dois sortir des statistiques par semaine et par mois 

quelqu'un peut il m'aider pour cela?


I have a UTM 9 and I want to know where can I have the monthly or personalized reporting of the network availability rate through UTM 9

I have to output statistics per week and per month (the pourcentage of time the network were available)

can someone help me with this?

this is an emergency 

thank in advance

  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    Logging and reporting do not have an option/report to show network availability but an option to check network usage. 

    I would advise you to check the Executive Report and see if that helps? 

    Navigate to Logging & Reporting > Executive Report > Generate Report Now and check if that helps. You could configure it for Daily/Weekly/Monthly according to your requirements. 




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  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying 

    it seems i saw this  "Logging & Reporting > Executive Report > Generate Report " 

    but it's not what i need

    i need a Key Performance Indicator from Sophos related to SOPHOS

    I was excepted to get this in term of percentage of the network

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