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Putting some top level domains in smtp quarantine instead of rejecting


if i add a adress pattern in SMTP/Antispam/Sender Blacklist the mail is rejected.

If i add the same pattern in Users/Advanced User Settings/Sender Blacklist the mail gets quarantined.

How can i configure some adress pattern to get quarantined for all users?

(There are more than 1.500 Users behind the sg box. So importing and editing is not an option.)

Maybe someone has an idea....



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  • Hallo Christian,

    You might be able to find someone that knows Exim/SpamAssassin well enough to quarantine instead of denying addresses that match the SMTP/Antispam/Sender Blacklist.

    Or, you might be able to get a talented programmer to run the following command for all users:

         /usr/local/bin/confd-client.plx change_object REF_AaaUseChristian sender_blacklist '*'

    Be sure to make a backup beforehand and get permission from Sophos Support.

    Let us know if either approach worked for you.

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Hi Bob,

    Thanx for your answer but it wont help me.

    We dont want all 1.500 users registered locally to add a personal blacklist, because the users changes every day.

    Maybe someone knows a Exim/SpamAssassin workaround.