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Options for replacing an XG SFOS 18.5.1 with something that can send email reliably?

I'm reaching the end of my ability to deal with my XG firewall. Came from a working UTM that expired. The XG just cannot/will not reliably relay email from internal servers to the internet. Messages keep hanging and Sophos tech support keeps deleting lock files and restarting the service to get some mail to move then dead again. So many hours burned up with tech support and no closer to an answer. 

What are people moving to that just can't get a stable XG environment working? Obviously I am going to be asking other places, but hoping a good samaritan will help a desperate brother out of the wilderness. Then my only problem will be convincing my employers that the money spent on Sophos is lost and I need more to buy from another vendor.

I'm sorry, but the XG is NOT ready for production use. 

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