New Sophos Support Phone Numbers in Effect July 1st, 2023

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What are you doing SASI?...

What the fu**?

Please explain SASI, how is this possible?

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  • Whats the trouble?
    Yes, SMTP-Proxy blocks most of fake mails and some mails are passed/delivered. I can see a difference of passed mails, there are 5 kb large instead of alle blocked mails with 6kb. Maybe the mail with 5KB are "better" fake mails because the main body is "optimized" and the proxy doesnt recognize this.

    SMTP-Proxy can not block 100% of all fake mails, but thats normal and okay! Its okay to configure the smtp-proxy with best practise (spam-tab) and use additional RBL-filters. for example we use additional rbl-lists:

    and last spam blocker are the enduser, train them so they can recognize those fake mails.

  • As i can see, that other (maybe) identical Mails are blocked, are you sure that you not have any spam-exception for the green recipient addresses?