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9.706 - anti-spam engine changed to SASI

One of the changes is that: Email Protection anti-spam engine changed to Sophos Anti-Spam Interface (SASI)

Anybody has experience with that change? Does it effect the rate of recognition? I haven't figured out yet if the Commtouch Advanced Security Daemon (ctasd) is dropped with this or not. And if so aren't the results from cyren no longer used?

Best regards


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  • Hi Alex,

    some observations from our test-installation which holds only "spam-domains":

    • 10 days bevor the update: total 441 mails, from that 419 recognised as spam (111 Quarantine, 195 RBL) ->  old engine recognition rate 95%
    • 10 days after the update: total 326 mails, from that 191 recognised as spam (0 Quarantine, 191 RBL) -> new engine recognition rate 59%

    So from that numbers, the filterrate over all on the new engine is worse. It seems in the new engine only a RBL-filter works, which is not good.

    bye Josef

    BERGMANN engineering & consulting GmbH, Wien/Austria

  • Maybe I'm not that disappointed, because I always used some extra RBLs. These are,, and
    Give it a try. Btw. something I learned not log ago, these extra RBLs are always rejecting emails. The settings in the GUI only have an effect of the Sophos own tests.

    Best regards


  • RBLs are nice but will generally not help when the spam comes from abused/hacked accounts or from spam gangs which quickly change their infrastructur/IPs (which most of them do). Additionally on most of the RBLs you quickly run in a volume limitation when you use DNS-resolvers form providers (which is mostly the case).

    Dear Sophos you must had content matching (words/sentences, URLs, GIFs...) in your spam engine, why is this obviously not working in the new version?

    bye Josef

    BERGMANN engineering & consulting GmbH, Wien/Austria

  • Well i guess they wont help you:

    here are my RBL lists:

    and i am using my very own dnsbl.

    but nothing helps here with the new update. as u can see, i got the bank phishing anyway.

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