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iView 2 - HTTPS certificate

Is it possible to upload a custom HTTPS certificate for iView 2?

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  • I have the same problem today and the only way I have found is to use SSH:

    - Login via SSH Client (for Example Putty) as admin
    - Start Advanced Shell (3 -> 4)
    - change to directory /conf/ccccertificate/
    - insert your certificate via editor (vi) in file ApplianceCertificate.pem (maybe you make a backup before)
    - change to directory /conf/ccccertificate/private
    - insert your private key via editor (vi) in file ApplianceCertificate.key

  • Very nice advice,

    but you missed to change the file "ApplianceCertificate.crt" under /conf/ccccertificate/

    It is woking WELL !!

    Many thanks


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