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DNS Resolution of reported Hosts.



I'm new to iView... After setting up all my UTM´s, I fail to see any hostnames (and by the way any easy readouts out of the report screens) on any of the dashboards. only IP addresses and ruleset numbers witch I have to lookup every time. Basic things like Originating Countries are not shown. Also no DNS resolved IP´s (Internal or external). Have set up all DNS settings correctly, witch I tested with a nslookup in the iView Cli.


I there a way to show this information with Iview and Sophos UTM? Is there a way to "fine tune" iView to show names instead of IP`s?


Right now 12 UTM running the latest firmware and iView also on newest release.


Thank you for your Help



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  • I suspect that you need to configure ReverseDNS entries for internal subnets on the UTM.    Because of DHCP, host names need to be collected at time of transaction, or the reverse lookup may have become invalidated by a lease expiration and reassignment.

    No opinion about your problems with reverse lookups on external IPs.  It may be a limitation of IVIEW.