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Report passed traffic and not only blocked.

I evaluating iview, I wanted to report and log my  3 utm 9.

I'm just looking at the buildin reports, everthing is about blocked things.

What if I wanted to report witch ip's connected with a server behind one of my utm, like a remote desktop server per example.

Can I make a report for this?

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  • I can't see it either in iview3. Strange thing is, you can get the info in the UTM itself.

  • Hi,  is there a plan when this feature will be available in iView? 

    Or does this consume too much logs that the appliance can´t handle this?

    It is important also to see what things go out and are not blocked. 

    Other Companys like watchg.. have a "free" virtual applicance called Dimension where you can see this and much more.