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Up2Date 9.405005 available

Got an Up2Date Msg on our SG 230 just an hour ago:

System will be rebooted
Configuration will be upgraded
Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade

Maintenance Release

Fix [NUTM-2840]: [AWS] UTM ignores MTU sent by DHCP server
Fix [NUTM-3064]: [AWS] Confd info shows wrong instance_role for ha warm&as
Fix [NUTM-4426]: [AWS] Allow root login with SSH per default on AWS
Fix [NUTM-4516]: [AWS] factory reset doesn't clean up completly on AWS
Fix [NUTM-1775]: [Access & Identity] 35668: DHCP Broadcast over all RED LAN ports causing wrong IP address assignment
Fix [NUTM-4129]: [Access & Identity] Update OpenSSL in SSLVPN client
Fix [NUTM-4216]: [Access & Identity] STAS related argos coredumps in v9.403
Fix [NUTM-4258]: [Access & Identity] RED15/RED50 standard / split doesn't work if the RED initiates the connection over 3G
Fix [NUTM-4263]: [Access & Identity] [RED] DNS resolution stopped working for RED15 in transparent / split mode after updated to v9.4
Fix [NUTM-4332]: [Access & Identity] Vulnerabilities after deploying RED
Fix [NUTM-4336]: [Access & Identity] RED50 split DNS does not work properly in transparent split mode and static uplink
Fix [NUTM-4342]: [Access & Identity] Since update to 9.4 SSL VPN remote access not working with client with more than one TAP adapter
Fix [NUTM-4387]: [Access & Identity] WARN-070 notfication won't be send if "Drop packets from blocked hosts" is not used
Fix [NUTM-4390]: [Access & Identity] STAS: User network objects are not working as expected in several conditions due to AUA cache bug
Fix [NUTM-4424]: [Access & Identity] red_client fails to reconnect after HA takeover on server UTM
Fix [NUTM-4494]: [Access & Identity] red15: logread debug output on usb stick is circular
Fix [NUTM-4499]: [Access & Identity] [RED Provisioning] Disable RED if its not bound to UTM anymore to avoid push_config
Fix [NUTM-4527]: [Access & Identity] Disable TLS compression in IO::Socket::SSL
Fix [NUTM-4612]: [Access & Identity] Failover back from 3g fallback to WAN is not working
Fix [NUTM-4668]: [Access & Identity] IPv6 AUTO_INPUT table empty after update to 9.404
Fix [NUTM-3174]: [Basesystem, Network] It is not possible to start the webadmin GUI anymore
Fix [NUTM-1746]: [Basesystem] "Allowed networks for SNMP queries are missing" pop up after first time enabling SNMP
Fix [NUTM-3580]: [Basesystem] SNMPv2c traps contain wrong snmpTrapOID.0
Fix [NUTM-4576]: [Basesystem] SNMP MIB: change descriptors to be standard conformant, add NOTIFICATION-GROUPs
Fix [NUTM-4645]: [Confd, Email] character ">" or "<" for smarthost password will change to "&lt;"
Fix [NUTM-4159]: [Confd] name="FUNCTION_DENY (Zugriff verweigert beim Aufruf der Confd-Funktion 'trigger'.)
Fix [NUTM-3519]: [Email] S/MIME AES256 encrypted mails cannot be decrypted
Fix [NUTM-3856]: [Email] Update Sophos Outlook Add-in to 1.3.1
Fix [NUTM-3132]: [HA/Cluster] Additional address - Assigned to Node feature not working like expected
Fix [NUTM-4661]: [HA/Cluster] postgres database rebuild needs to trigger mdw and repctl
Fix [NUTM-1957]: [Network] 28457: Name resolution not working on HA Slave if BGP is configured
Fix [NUTM-1959]: [Network] 35541: IPFIX not working with SolarWinds
Fix [NUTM-3168]: [Network] IRQd not running - restarted (Value too large for defined data type)
Fix [NUTM-3169]: [Network] changing a bridge with enabled VLAN interface causes bridge to become disabled indefinitely
Fix [NUTM-3761]: [Network] Software UTM fails to complete booting process after updating to version 9.4
Fix [NUTM-4026]: [Network] MTU change on a VLAN interface leads to MTU change of the real interface
Fix [NUTM-3304]: [Release Management] nic-naming: Provide a fix for delayed 210r2 software support
Fix [NUTM-4660]: [Release Management] HyperV u2d hook for NUTM-3028 was not included in 9.404
Fix [NUTM-2059]: [WAF] Multi-threading race condition causes "AH01842: decrypt session failed, wrong passphrase?" errors
Fix [NUTM-4122]: [WAF] Issue with URL hardening
Fix [NUTM-4362]: [WAF] Creating AUTO_OUTPUT rules for all real webserver IPs in autoscaling group fails
Fix [NUTM-4385]: [WAF] Webserver Protection reporting doesn't work / no entries for WAF in reporting database
Fix [NUTM-4582]: [WebAdmin] Unable to select the WAN interface with the initial setup wizard of v9.4xx
Fix [NUTM-2418]: [Web] HTTP proxy core dump on confd
Fix [NUTM-3110]: [Web] Proceed button not working when authentication is set to browser for warn pages
Fix [NUTM-3404]: [Web] Unable to load YouTube when YouTube for schools is enabled
Fix [NUTM-3485]: [Web] HTTP Proxy profile matching doesn't work for DNS groups which contain IPv6 addresses
Fix [NUTM-3920]: [Web] Sandbox: cleaning up old data in TransactionLog on slave nodes raises postgres errors
Fix [NUTM-4053]: [Web] Unknown repeatingly log line: 2016:05:09-08:46:47 utm-1 [user:notice] "
Fix [NUTM-4141]: [Web] sandboxd should use upstream proxy
Fix [NUTM-4163]: [Web] Httpproxy EpollWorker segfault in strncmp () from /lib/
Fix [NUTM-4295]: [Web] STAS is not working as expected together with httproxy
Fix [NUTM-4381]: [Web] Malicious file with patience page does not give -3 message in http.log
Fix [NUTM-4412]: [Web] Policies tab under Web Procetion -> Web Filtering won't be displayed correctly
Fix [NUTM-4152]: [WiFi] RED15w not broadcasting TKIP networks
Fix [NUTM-4190]: [WiFi] SMC MAC filters aren't applied by local wifi
Fix [NUTM-4425]: [WiFi] awed unable to process connections timely
Fix [NUTM-4596]: [WiFi] Awed leak sockets leads to no more AP's are accepted

RPM packages contained:

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  • Installed on 6 appliances, no isues so far with reds, wifi and ipsec VPN....SO FAR :-)


    Best regards

    Sophos XGS 2100 @ Home | Sophos v19 Architect

  • Issues with firewall access to HTTP/HTTPS ports, other ports seem to work (Lotus Notes and Sametime at least).  HTTP Proxy access works fine.  Rebooted a couple of times... still no go.

  • PaulHolt said:

    Issues with firewall access to HTTP/HTTPS ports, other ports seem to work (Lotus Notes and Sametime at least).  HTTP Proxy access works fine.  Rebooted a couple of times... still no go.

    When you say firewall access, do you mean services traversing ports 80/443, or accessing the firewall, itself, via those ports?

  • Going through ports 80/443... and it seems 993/465 (IMAP/SMTP).  There is some other chatter around the forum that it is related to the AV engine.... which seems to make sense since it is only affecting the web and email ports.  My Lotus Notes and Sametime Client (ports 1352 and 1533) work fine.

  • PaulHolt said:

    Going through ports 80/443... and it seems 993/465 (IMAP/SMTP).  There is some other chatter around the forum that it is related to the AV engine.... which seems to make sense since it is only affecting the web and email ports.  My Lotus Notes and Sametime Client (ports 1352 and 1533) work fine.

    Got it. Thanks for the heads-up. I am now 3 updates out and waiting for a 4th to fix the other 3.

  • Updated today and it broke my installation that has been running like a clockwork for a while...

    I am currently remote and I access my home net via Cisco VPN. After triggering the update I can only access a couple of hosts (specifically Sophos itself and ESXi it is running on) that incidentally are HTTPS. Everything else on http and ssh is not accessible.

    I did some troubleshooting, limited to what i can do remotely. Pretty tedious, will spare the details but the following is interesting:

    1. If i SSH into Sophos, from there everything seems accessible (i can ping, wget, ssh)
    2. I even tried to disable IPS, disable web filtering, create a any/any firewall rule from VPN net to home net --> still, nothing is accessible

    I regret triggering the update as I need to access my data. Any clue / any way to revert to the previous version?

    FORGOT: The Mac OSX Cisco VPN client now consistently fails on connection the first time but succeeds the second time

  • This Patch is SEVERELY broken and should have been pulled and fixed many hours ago. It's apparent no one from Sophos reads these message boards.

  • I've installed this 9.405-5 and now my external wifi doesn't work anymore. Connected devices can't get to the internet. I tried to revert the update by restoring a backup of the previous version, it logs me out, but when I log back in, the fw version didn't change; still the same version at 9.405-5.  Please advise how to revert to previous version..the manual restore appears to be broken as well.

  • a backup file never restores a Firmware version to the previous. In the backup file there is only config of the device.


  • Sorry, I meant the firewall backup, that is the *abf file. In previous updates, I was able to restore from any previous versions...this latest update appears to have broken that as well. The restore appears to work but the version never change.